Hourly Monthly Website Maintenance (Pre-Pay, Reoccurring)

From: $60.00 / month


Don’t let your website be forgotten and neglected. Purchase a set amount of time that can be used to maintain your site on monthly basis. The more hours you purchase per month, the bigger the discount. (see plans/rates below)

All websites will require a minimum of 1 hour for essential core updates (WordPress, plugins, & theme) mainly for security purposes every other month. Backups of your website will be made prior to any updates in addition to the daily server backups made in case something goes wrong and files and database need to be restored. Auto updates can be put in place for minor updates but it is not recommended since issues can arise when updates occur causing your site to not function properly or shut down altogether. The more complex your site is, the more time it will need to be kept up to date. You may have a lot of work needed on your site but have a monthly budget. Choose a plan that fits your budget and when less work is needed down the road, your plan can always be adjusted to your needs.

Monthly Maintenance Plans:

Monthly plans are reoccurring and will be billed automatically each month.

$60/hr (10+ hours)/month  ** min. 10+ hours at this rate. 10 hrs=$600/month
$65/hr (2-9 hours)/month   ** min 2 hours at this rate. 2 hrs=$130/month
$70/hr – 1 hour per month
Bare Minimum – Bi-monthly
$70 every other month. Perfect for those websites that hardly change and only need the minimum essential updates.

Essential maintenance includes:

  • Updates to WordPress System, plugins, and theme
  • Backups
  • Security monitoring; security plugin, brute force attack protection, etc  + spam blocking
  • Minor content updates/improvements

Other Possible Tasks: (Not limited to, please ask)

  • Constant Organic SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Optimize for speed (database cleaning, image optimization, etc)
  • Design / Page layout modification
  • Add Compliance – Cookie Notices, privacy statements
  • Plugin installation / setup (to add extra features to your website)
  • Spam blocking of email submissions
  • Graphic design for web or print (logos, flyers, order forms)
  • Create email accounts, email assistance
  • Domain name management  **domain stays with your current registrar
  • ADA compliance tests and changes
  • Email marketing flyers created, sent (Constant Contact, Aweber, MailChimp, Active Campaign, etc)

All monthly plans include FREE web hosting of one website. If you have multiple sites, you can choose a higher plan, please ask for offers. 

** free website transfer
** web hosting control panel access
** automatic monthly billing (bi-monthly on bare minimum plan)


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